Over 200 Varieties of Traditional Sweets in Stock!

Emma’s Traditional Sweets supply a wide range of vintage favourites and rare classics to suit every taste and preference. If you can’t find the sweet you want, just message us and if we can get it, we will!

We only stock premium products and all our sweets are bagged, we have our own direct postal service to ensure rapid despatch of all orders.

Beware of cheap imitation sweets. If you are looking for the real thing, you’ve come to the right place. ( our blacks in our Lions range are liquorice )

We have spent years building up our network of suppliers and our knowledge of the sweet market

We are a family run business and have our very own sweet shop in Lancashire.

This our opportunity to share with you all the wonders we sell and make you part of our world. we hope you enjoy this site as much as we love sweets.

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Spend £10 get a free mystery quarter

*Offer does not include postage cost. Must be £10 of sweets purchased in 100g purchases only. Doesn’t include seasonal lines


Please be aware that all our sweets are prepared and stored in an area that contains all nuts, and any allergies need to be highlighted when you place your order. If you need more detail on any ingredients please let us know and we will supply them. Please also note the dates shown on some products don’t relate to the actual product all our sweets are in date.

All products that go out of stock the closest product will be sent, if this is something that isn’t wanted a message needs to be added to your order otherwise this will happen automatically . A Refund on that line will be issued if a message is received on the order, being a live sweet shop 7 days a week this does happen.

Please also note there are no deliveries made on Sundays. If you are ordering on a Friday, please select Saturday special delivery if you want it the next day otherwise it will arrive Monday, this may also be delayed with covid restrictions on the Royal Mail.

Due to COVID-19, Royal Mail next day delivery have up to 9pm that following night to deliver. As this changes we will update this notice.